MCP System Introduction - Chemical supply chain management platform
Milkyway chemical supply chain management platform, referred to as MCP, involves all links of the chemical supply chain, including freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing and trade. It has realizes logistics intelligence, including resource intelligence and process intelligence to reduce resource waste in complex and changeable situation and continuously improve utilization rate and select the optimal process scheme to maximize service value.
MCP system introduction - Specific Functions of MCP platform
  • E-commerce services
  • Supply chain execution
  • Decision-Making Analysis
    BI Battle Center
  • Business operation
  • Basic Management
Advantages of MCP
  • Centralized control
    Meet the needs of enterprises to centrally control multiple branches, so as to realize the requirements of centralized management. By deploying private cloud servers, the cost of software and hardware and the labor cost of operation and maintenance can be reduced to the greatest extent. Employees operate through the browser, and the data of headquarters, branches, warehouses, fleets and agents are shared and counted in real time.
  • Multilingual support
    Help enterprises realize international operation. The system has a built-in multilingual version and supports simplified Chinese, English, traditional Chinese, Japanese, etc. to meet the requirements of enterprise globalization.
  • Business process customization engine
    The powerful business process customization engine,in accordance with business characteristics to make every operation rules followed & documented.
  • Multifarious notification alerts
    Multifarious notification alerts,All messages can be transmitted through mobile APP, Wechat, SMS and Emails for real-time communication with sales, operations, document specialists, finance personnel, customers and vendors.
  • Multiple security mechanism
    Support a variety of security mechanisms: USB key, computer hardware code, Static IP and other methods to guarantee the security of the system.
  • Realize automatic cost reckoning
    Can realize the data collaborative operation of customers, suppliers, customs, shipping companies and other.
  • Multiple interface modes
    Multiple interface modes,Can realize the data collaborative operation of customers, suppliers, customs, shipping companies and other.
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