• China's First YMS Hazardous Chemical Unmanned Park Put into Operation.Achieved the first low-carbon off-light base with on-site low-lighting operation.Low-carbon off-light helps to meet the 'Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality' future.
  • Merged and acquired Shanghai Chipol Huili Marine & Trading, Zhoushan Zhonggu Shipping, Powhee Resin, Fucang Logistics, FMCG distribution companies, increased the service capability of the whole supply chain;
  • Integration of Singapore SDL, Singapore MITT (formerly LHN Log), US Freight Forwarding, and Container Business, Singapore SDL expansion, to integrate service capabilities and enhance regional advantages;
  • Major project breakthroughs: Nanhui Warehouse Phase III obtained hazardous chemicals business license; Dingming Xiubo Class A and B warehouse project completed acceptance and obtained operating license; the renovation and expansion project of Milkyway Chemical Storage Co., Ltd was approved.; Meishan warehouse opened for business and obtained the bonded warehouse qualification; Tianjin Xiqing Project was successfully completed and opened for business.
  • Brand promotion: Signed the golf world champion Yin Ruoning and enhanced brand recognition; Released the global VI standard iteration and revised 2023 uniforms. The Third M-Club Event was successfully held, inviting more than 200 customers and business partners; awarded to golf champion Yin Ruoning and conducted interactive golf activities with clients.
  • Honored to receive the plaque from Pudong New Area for the 'Open Innovation Center for Large Enterprises (GOI)', and signed the Global Operations Plan (GOP) service agreement.
  • MCP4.0 PLUS is fully digitalized, achieving a milestone breakthrough.
  • The safe ASM warehouse section was launched; No.1in the safety honor roll of dangerous chemical transportation enterprises in Shanghai.
  • The opening of Lin Gang Special Logistics、Zhenjiang Integrated Central Warehouse; Successfully acquired Xiangwang(Island logistics special line); Strategic holding of Nanjing Empire-Forever Chemical; Acquired Chipol Huili; Strengthen the foundation of the MGM.
  • Selected by MSCI; Successfully issued 870 million convertible bonds; Established overseas commercial bank business cooperation with J.P.Morgan.
  • Upgrade and iterate the intelligent management system. Build a learning self-driven organization. Set up a special supply chain sand table for Zijin course. Establish industrial workers' school to solve the problem of vocational skills training and shortage of industrial workers, so as to lay a solid talent foundation for the future development of the group.
  • Complete the layout of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park: Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone and Fengxian Hangzhou Bay project are completed. Realize the integration of local state-owned specialty chemical sectors: SIPG, Bailian Ling Xing , Jiaoyun Chemical, Malong Guohua, etc.
  • Continue to expand strategic new customers: SABIC, Formosa Plastics, Yuntianhua, SECCO, Daimler, Chevron, Tesla, Durex, etc.
  • Establish the information and market value management system, sort out the rate sheet, business contract Invoicing subject, tax control, personnel contract subject and MCP authority. The fine construction of the organization was continuously promoted.
  • The annual work of MCP 3.0 has been solidly promoted: the team has been strengthened, GMS / MMS / CRM has been launched, the middle platform has been preliminarily completed, and the interconnection has been basically completed. TMS goes online without paper.
  • The first 2C grade specialty chemicals unmanned warehouse was put into operation.
  • Selected into the S & P emerging market index and included into the investment target category of the global secondary market.
  • Digitization has achieved initial success, EDI + SAAS + Echem 56, and EDI docking of customers such as Axalta and DuPont has been completed/ MCP 2.0plus is online.
  • The emergency rescue business is becoming more and more mature. It has become the emergency rescue unit designated by Yangshan maritime safety administration and established Tongchuan Yintai satellite fire station.
  • On July 13, the IPO was successful and became the first share listed on the main board of China's private chemical supply chain industry.
  • MCP2. 0. Echem 56 went online smoothly, forming a closed-loop transaction and realizing another great leap forward in logistics intelligence.
  • Deepen cooperation with state-owned enterprises (Lantai industry, Sinochem and CIMC), advance into the new energy market (BYD, Dongying Haike, BMW and CATL), explore a new situation for petrochemical energy customers (ENN, SHELL and ExxonMobil), and set up chemical sample warehouse, wharf emergency treatment and many new businesses of container railway.
  • The company has won many municipal honors such as Shanghai civilized unit, China's top ten specialty chemicals storage enterprises, the annual chemical logistics golden jar award and Innovation Award, the annual BASF logistics service satisfaction award and other honorary titles.
  • OELEM chemical E-commerce 2.0 went online, the group's official website was newly revised in combination with logistics E-commerce 2.0, and MCP1.0, ASM and NC system phase I were successfully launched one after another.
  • The trading sector made steady progress, and the offline operating revenue increased by 264% compared with 2016. Network wide operations: Clariant, BASF, Dow, Evonik, Solvay. Among them, incubate and operate Dow's first online store in the world. OELEM platform: BASF and Dow online authorized stores opened.
  • Tiger Silent Academy has set up Elite and Zijin courses to improve the business ability and management literacy of the group's management personnel in multiple dimensions through speeches, discussions, business wars and other ways.
  • The group develops the specialty chemicals supply chain operating system MCP 1.0, including freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation and other independent sectors, forming a set of standardized system.
  • Establish the online trade team of 'OELEM' chemical cloud mall and the offline trade team of chemical convenience store. OELEM chemical cloud mall has begun to take shape, and 32 well-known enterprises such as BASF and Levima have settled on the e-commerce platform. OELEM offline chemical convenience stores have been opened in national chemical parks across the country, and 11 offline chemical convenience stores have been opened one after another
  • Lenovo's legend capital officially took shares. The group integrated international chemical sea and air freight forwarding, container, warehousing and distribution, customs consulting and chemical trading platform resources to establish 'Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd.'.
  • The group has fulfilled social responsibility, established a voluntary security fire tean, and a joint emergency response system between the enterprise and the local fire department.
  • Signed a cooperation agreement with Dow, the world's second largest chemical company, to provide in plant logistics services for its six factories in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhangjiagang and Nantong, laying a good foundation for creating a 'Smart Terminal' of Milkyway supply chain services.
  • Take Shanghai as a pilot to launch domestic aviation logistics services for specialty chemicals, so as to realize the 'safe one-day delivery' of specialty chemicals across the country.
  • Dingming chemical transportation has obtained the vehicle maintenance qualification for specialty chemicals.
  • Dingming storage and transportation obtained the printing business license and the global Duns code.
  • Became the first batch of specialty chemicals centralized treatment units designated by Shanghai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for specialty chemicals packaging inspection.
  • Milkyway & Dingming storage and transportation won the best warehousing and freight forwarding supplier awards of Dow Asia Pacific and logistics star respectively.
  • After the integration of ERP system, functions such as automatic billing, warehouse location and cargo management of handheld terminal have been added.
  • The ERP system integrating business, OA and finance of the group was officially launched.
  • The group's headquarters in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai has been put into use
  • In March, after half a year's efforts, a bank enterprise cooperation agreement on comprehensive credit was signed with Bank of Shanghai, which provided financial guarantee for the construction of the integrated base planned by the fourth five year plan of the group.
  • With the review and approval of the chemical registration center of the State Administration of work safety, the registration certificate of specialty chemicals storage unit of Dingming storage and transportation company has been officially approved.
  • Officially become a member of IATA CASS (freight financial settlement system).
  • Become one of the four specialty chemicals agents designated by MU China Eastern Airlines for filing and inspection exemption.
  • Won the bid for BASF's liquid bulk cargo domestic transportation business, air export business and sea LCL export business, and comprehensively provided BASF with chemical logistics supply chain services.
  • Puxi operation center of the group was officially established and operated, realizing real-time linkage and complementary advantages with Pudong operation center.
  • Joined the ITCO international container organization, registered the MWTU box number, and put own-tanks into use.
  • Successfully registered FMC in the United States, and the shipping export line to the United States can directly sign and book space with the shipping company.
  • Successfully applied to become the operator of empty TANK filing, and was approved as a CLASS A a customs declaration enterprise in the same year.
  • Complete the adjustment of property rights and management structure, and establish Milkyway chemical logistics group with four business divisions
  • Investment and construction of Shanghai Puxi operation center of domestic logistics division
  • Set up key account dept. to integrate the services of Milkyway and Kingman and provide key customers with one-stop forward and domestic logistics solutions.
  • Complete the construction of internal management system and launch new ERP and OA system.
  • Pudong integrated logistics base has been completed, with a total construction area of 78000 square meters
  • Obtain the transportation qualification of specialty chemicals (including Van and Truck)
  • Shanghai Customs has applied for the qualification of white card transportation under customs supervision
  • Invest more than 300 million yuan to fully start the construction of Pudong logistics base. ,
  • Fully cooperate with STOLT to establish a joint venture to provide domestic distribution services for Coca Cola company.
  • Class A enterprise of Customs
  • The domestic logistics department has fully launched the domestic specialty chemicals distribution business, and the scale of vehicles has increased to 85, becoming the logistics service provider of DUPONT, BAYER, BASF and other international chemical enterprises
  • ERP freight forwarding system based on B + S structure goes online
  • Successfully become the specialty chemicals agent of MSC, ZIM, China Eastern Airlines and Emirates.
  • Enter GLOBAL KEY ACCOUNT and successfully become ARKEMA chemical logistics supplier
  • Successful operation of specialty chemicals by air
  • Set up a special risk management department to comprehensively study and manage the logistics risk of chemicals
  • Start to operate the LCL business of marine specialty chemicals
  • Dozens of domestic logistics dangerous vehicles
  • Approved to operate class I explosives business
  • Set up the domestic logistics department, specializing in the third-party logistics service of domestic chemical specialty chemicals
  • Obtain the qualification of special cargo transportation (container A) and road dangerous cargo (container) transportation
  • Construction of the first specialty chemicals warehouse in Baoshan District, Shanghai
  • Has been approved by International Business and Economics Department as a Class A freight forwarder. Official opening.
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