We have such a Security & Technological Innovation System
Technological Innovation
Intelligent unmanned warehouse & drones
Whole process order tracking
TMS Mobile Device
Tank Black Box
Business innovation
New Business
Micro innovation
Rationalization Suggestions
Management innovation
Business College
Tiger-silent Academy
QHSE System - Safety, quality and environmental protection management system
With handling and management experience of DG chemicals for so many years, Milkyway has set up comprehensive safety, quality and environmental protection management systems, assuring our sustainable development and great achievements in realizing our social responsibilties in safety, health and environmental protection.
Form standards through investigation. Conduct process management and deal with out of control complaints and cases through emergency plans.
Discover & Improve
Hold the safety red line to ensure the high-quality operation.
Occupational Health Management
Quality Control (QC)
Risk Source
Safety Management
Environmental Management
Management Results
Realize the comprehensive business system control of prohibited, restricted and controlled specialty chemicals. UAV automatically patrols dangerous chemical base.
Passed ISO 45001:2018 China Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification.
Join ECOVADIS (CSR) by identifying
Obtain the Safety Standardization Compliance Certificate of Specialty Chemical Practitioners
Passed IS09001-2000 Quality Management System Certification. The certificate was successfully renewed in 2013.
AMS 3.0 went online
Comprehensively promoted visual management of safety and quality with AMS.
Obtain DUNS NUMBER, which is a unique 9-digit global coding system
Won the title of CSR Golden Bee Enterprise
Passed the certification of enterprise intellectual property management system
Developed TMS, FMS and MCP to control the business operation quality through the system.
Obtained the Port Operation License of the People's Republic of China issued by Shanghai transportation and port administration.
passed the audit of RSOAS Management System organized and implemented by AICM. And passed the review with high scores in 2011. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, continuous won the 'AAA' star qualification industry and Social Responsibility Award of road specialty chemicals transportation enterprise selected by Shanghai urban transportation and Port Administration.
Our Commitment
As a professional third-party chemical logistics enterprise, while adhering to the business philosophy of 'focus, persistence, excellence and perfection', we provide customers with all-round chemical product logistics supply chain services. And we fulfill the social responsibility of safety, health and environmental protection with our perfect RQHSE management system, which is used to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise. We strive to implement responsible care to give back the trust of society and customers. All employees should have the responsibility and liability to work at HSE all time wherever he is and whoever he serves for. High quality HSE management is the base of harmonious unity and sustainable development for any enterprise. We keep believing that any risk or accident is not incidental and is predicable, which can be avoided.
We solemnly promise
Firmly obey all the relevant national and industrial regulations, laws and standards.
Insist on essence of seeing a person first and involvement of people.
Adhere to prevention first and continuous improvement.
Any accident can be avoided. If we can estimate the danger or harm in advance, we are confident in risk control by professional management, technology or equipment to avoid property loss and harm on people or enviroment.
Employees who drink alcohol, suffer injuries, take narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are strictly prohibited from work.
Refuse to regard specialty chemicals as general cargo in international transportation and domestic logistics business.
Demonstrate our HSE performance to the public
Our policies and principles are used to
Protect health of our staff
Ensure the safety of all operations, especially in road transportation, storage and inner safety.
Assure no environmental pollution.
Make sure all irregularities have been rectified and improved for sustainable development.
Withing our scientific management to achieve
No occupational injury
No casualty accident
No environmental pollution
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