Since establishment in 1998, Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd. has always focused on safer and more efficient operation of chemical supply chain. With strong strength, professional team, scientific system and sound network, we provide customers with global one-stop logistics and trading full supply chain services, including international logistics one-stop service, domestic logistics one-stop service, special logistics one-stop service, chemical trading platform, chemical supply chain management and social security services. We care about the health of our employees, pay attention to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, strive for perfection, and strive to become a super chemical Amazon.
To become a super chemical Amazon
Safer society and more efficient supply chain
Core values
Customer centric, striver oriented and value creation formost.
  • 1、 Basic
    Reach consensus (based on core value), build team, formulate strategy (first principles thinking and course breakthrough), improve system, optimize tools and self-driven correction.
  • 2、 Plan
    Promote 3+1 supervisory system: “3” refers to the three-level supervisions: group quarterly meeting (break down and improve OKRs according to business performance) + BU monthly meeting (break down OKRs, analyze and improve business performance) + department weekly meeting '1' refers to the on-site coordination meeting (cross-department coordination of real-time matters).
  • 3、 System Implementation
    Initiate (order transmission and publicizing implementation) + Execution (active report and manager to take the lead) + Supervision (review and President on-site inspection)
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