Close friends - Milkyway Customer Club
Close friends association
Always listen to the valuable comments and suggestions from our customers to Milkyway
From traditional logistics services to customer care and social responsibility
And give back to all customers who care and support Milkyway through better service
Rich offline customer membership activities
Report on the company's business development process and planning, mutual exchange and sharing among members
Traditional class
Little logistics man
Fellowship class
Customer communication and sharing
Outdoor development
Acknowledgement Party
Public welfare
Charity run
Earth Hour
A Convenient Wechat community
Establish a WeChat communication group between customers and Milkyway's management as a direct and effective channel for customer evaluation, demand research, complaint handling, etc.
The group's top executives (Chairman / VP) invite the group's top 30 customer executives and purchasing principals to join.
The general manager of each business unit invites the head of logistics operation of the TOP 20 business unit customers to join.
One stop
efficient user experience
Online service
Customer activities
24-hour service hotline
Wechat communication community
Annual customer satisfaction survey
Offline service
Forum and sharing
Points Mall
User evaluation system
Value added services
BI Big Data Analytics and Applications
Provide production logistics and other planning guidance suggestions to customers
24-hour offline service hotline
Customer service hotline 400-151-0202
Answered by a dedicated customer service 24 hours a day
Recieve business inquiries, operational coordination, and timely follow-up feedback
Also responsible for
the daily contact, customer points reminder and gift exchange of the Milkyway member club.
At any time, help is on the line.
We will reply you within 24 hours From 8:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. on weekdays.
Call us.
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